LFSTC Membership Benefits

The waiting list is updated regularly, and you will be contacted if and when a vacancy comes available. The waiting period for applicants who apply in any given year is estimated to be approximately 5 years, but it is entirely dependent upon the number of resignations each year. Please complete the application below. If you have any questions, please contact Membership director.

 One Membership + 6 Guests

● Daily Access all year around.

● Enjoy unlimited access to our private resort style swim & tennis, including the club house with big screen TV and sound bar system.

● Our state-of-the art 1000w Bluetooth technology surround system with Wi-Fi access and big screen TVs

● 5 private cabanas with lounge seating & fire pits that accommodates up 35 guests

● Our warming kitchen with coyote grill, flat cook top and burner.

● Our recreational area with full court basketball, tennis & volleyball.

● Our Olympic size pool with lounge chair seating with umbrellas.

● Priority Access for booking pool parties.

● Members only events

● Two complimentary booking hours for pool party setup and tear downs.

● Members discount for pool party bookings/ add-ons

● Members discount for summer camp programs


January – February (Monday – Sunday 8am – 9am)

March – (Monday – Friday 8am – 9am) (Saturday – Sunday 8am – 2pm)

April – (Monday – Friday 8am – 9am) (Saturday – Sunday 8am – 2pm)

May 1st – 22nd (Monday – Friday 8am – 9am) (Saturday Sunday – 8am – 2pm)

May 23rd – 24th (Thursday – Friday 2pm – 9pm) (Saturday – Sunday 8am – 2pm)

May 27th – 31st Monday – Friday 2pm – 9pm (Saturday – Sunday 8am – 2pm)

June – August 1st Monday – Friday 2pm – 9pm (Saturday – Sunday 8am – 2pm)

August 2nd – September Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm (Saturday – Sunday 8am – 2pm)

October – Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm

November – Monday – Sunday 8am – 9 pm

December – Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm